Date/Time (DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss); mode of operation; “1” means Standard mode - dose and flux rates have a time resolution of 90 s, the cycle of measurement of energy deposition spectra and LET spectra is 90 min. “2” means Fast mode - dose and flux rates have a time resolution of 20 s, energy deposition spectra and LET spectra are constructed for every 15 min of measurements. This mode is used for measurements in the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) or during Solar Particle Events; ascending or descending (A/D); altitude (ALT) (km) longitude (LONG) (deg); latitude (LAT) (deg); L value (L); total magnetic field strength (BMAG) (Gauss);  INVLAT (invariant latitude) (deg); LT (local time) (hours); MLT (magnetic local time) (hours); absorbed dose rate1D* (DOSE) (mGy h-1); ); absorbed dose rate2D (DOSE) (mGy h-1);); absorbed dose rate3D (DOSE) (mGy h-1); flux1D (FLUX) (cm-2 s-1); flux2D (FLUX) (cm-2 s-1); flux3D (FLUX) (cm-2 s-1); (*1D means first detector).

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