UT date and time (DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss); UT (hh:mm:ss); ascending or descending (a/d); type of predominated radition source (galactic cosmic rays (GCR); inner radition belt (IRB) protons); outer radiation belt (ORB) relativistic electrons; solar energetic particles (protons) and secondary radiation (SEP); altitude (ALT) (km); longitude (LONG) (deg); latitude (LAT) (deg); L value (L); total magnetic field strength (BMAG) (Gauss); local time (LT) (hours); magnetic local time (MLT) (hours); dipole latitude (DLAT) (deg); invariant latitude (INVLAT) (deg); flux (FLUX) (cm-2 s-1); absorbed dose rate (DOSE) (mGy h-1);  dose to flux ratio (D/F) (nGy cm-2 particle-1); proton energy (PROENG) (MeV); total apparent ambient dose equivalent rate (H*(10)) (mSv h-1), low energy component  (H*(10)low (mSv h-1); high energy component (H*(10)high) (mSv h-1); (ch1-ch256.

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